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OUT August 1st 2024"Songs from my current incarnation, the ones before and the ones after"

DadaĀ“s new music project includes songs from all of his incarnations. Dada can still recall some of them and put his favorite songs from his incarnations on one music album. Meet Baba Freiheit, Penelope Valentine, Josua von Nazareth and many more!
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Single Release on July 19th 2024

DadaĀ“s incarnation Baba Freiheit presents the first single „Wir werden springen“ from DadaĀ“s upcoming album „Songs from my current incarnation, the ones before and the after“.
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Here come some videos by DADA PENG!

„Betty Ford Now“ by DADA PENG feat. Frida

BildschirmĀ­foto 2024-04-22 um 12.00.10

DADA PENG „The day I will be dying“

BildschirmĀ­foto 2024-04-22 um 12.02.21

DADA PENG „Should I not return“


DADA PENG „Love your Existence“

„Immer noch da sein“ by DADA PENG

Wanna create some positive energy?

"Let ig go!" Mantra for the times of change

From the Album "The Art of Fine Dying"

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