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Who the fuck is DADA PENG?

DADA PENG is a german-american artist based in Berlin.

The human being consists of 60% water. DADA PENG too. Well, maybe 49% water and 11% Darjeeling and Whiskey. Then add a few percent of hope and idealism and DADA PENG’s eternal credo: flexibility.

Look at what life offers and make the best of what’s in front of you.

DADA PENG began his professional career  as a presenter and author in children’s television and is now known as a singer/songwriter and book author primarily for his examination of existential themes.

DADA PENG sees himself as a citizen of the world and has traveled to over 40 countries so far. More are to follow.

He reincarnated twice this lifetime and sees death as a transformation from one existance to the other.

Life is what it is. We don´t have to be who we are. We can create our very own life, we create it anyway. But if we do it knowingly, there is a great chance, that the outcome will be much more pleasent.

Look at the possibilities in front of you, what life offers you and then create it. Tear down the old, build new, be the driver not the passenger in your life.

It is as if life had poured out countless Lego bricks in front of you. These are your possibilities. Don’t look over at your neighbor and ask yourself if he has better or nicer bricks. Look at yours, see them as a gift and just build!

Dada Peng is artist, speaker and activist. He is the founder of “Superhereoes fly ahead – initiative for young dying people & their friends”.

You can find more about his work and projects in the menu.

His dog´s name is Frida and she is an incarnation of Frida Kahlo and Lukasc Gésa Zachary, a former incarnation of Dada Peng himself.

my best advice? Live, love and die happy!

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DADA PENG started out in the Media Business as a TV Host.

At the same time he had to deal with the loss of loved ones and got educated as an death companion. He worked in a hospice for three years and that time should create out of Davey Dallas Peng – Dada Peng.

Dada Peng deals as an artist with the question: What does death mean, what is it anyway and how can we live more happily if we embrace death?

He started to write poems, songs and stories about death and it became more and more his leading topic in his artistic life.

He published two books and CDs in the Random House Publishing Group and is Founder of “Superheroes fly ahead – initiative for young dying people and their friends”.

We need to make changes now! Everything we want to take advantage of while dying we need to initiate now. That´s why I founded SHFA.

Dada Peng at his Gallery

the end has no end

The goal of the initiative is to create media and artistic content and offers for young dying people and their friends.

Fortunately, we are all getting older and older and remain fit into old age. The current hospice and care offers are very helpful for old people, but for our generation and for very young people it is by far not attractive enough. There is a lack of digital, social and cultural offers, which we all want to take advantage of for sure, should we ever need a hospice or care place.

We all wish ourselves a long life. But the changes that we one day want to take for granted must be tackled now. And these changes must grow from within of our society. They have to come from artists, athletes, media people, designers, cooks, bankers, salespeople, from all of us.
Until now, hospice facilities have been run primarily by charitable or church associations. The offer is designed accordingly. We must not leave these organizations alone with their tasks and concerns. We must support them. We have to express how we want to die? What do we want to have at our disposal then, how can we still determine and shape our lives as long as possible?

Finding answers to these questions and then implementing them is our mission as an initiative. The initiator is the author and activist Dada Peng, who is the founder and creator of “Superheroes fly ahead”. He is supported by friends, artists, instraphers, affected people and survivors who want to break the taboo on the topic of “death and dying” and bring it into the middle of society.


As an artist DADA PENG deals with life and death, the hospice movement and the question: How do we want to die someday?

As human beeing he also has a Media Agency, writes Musicals and did the Artist Booking for the Cologne Pride for several years. He also wrote the 2016 Cologne Pride Hymne “Go Pink” that climbed the Dance Charts up to #38.

He also hosts events and galas and still is an active author and media producer.

Dreharbeiten für den WDR mit Dada Peng

The following videos show some of DADA PENG´s work in the media & musical areas:

Artist Booking for the Cologne Pride

Composer and Songwriter of the Cologne Pride Hymne 2016

Author and Composer of a Musical Contribution for the Finale of the Schmidt Theatres CREATORS Contest

Should I not return from above or beyond, shall I never come back, or never be found, so please tell everybody: I existed!