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Talk & Lectures

Talk Lecture Presentation

In his Infotainment Videos Dada Peng explains different aspects of Hospicework and deathculture. He talks freely about assisted suicide, new ways hospices have to go in the future, his book „Pimp my funeral“, the possible ways to organize a funeral and what to do before all of this.

How can you take precautions for your own death and your own life while dying.

All of these questions Dada Peng also answers in his lectures and presentations.

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Panel discussion

DADA PENG is a welcome guest at panel discussions on the subject of hospice work and palliative care. He talks about his own accompaniments, about his work as a volunteer in the hospice in Schwerte and about his experiences, especially in recent times, when he has already been a guest in more than 130 different hospice associations with his book.

He wants to get death out of the corner of society and place it in the center of life.

“We need to talk about death, dying and our own finiteness. Only then can we lose the fear of it and start to shape it. We need a new funeral culture, new forms of care for the elderly and a strengthening of hospice work and palliative medicine. Only in this way can we live and die consciously and without fear in the future.” DADA PENG

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