The goal of my initiative is to create media and artistic content and offers for young dying people and their friends.
Fortunately, we are all getting older and older and remain fit into old age. The current hospice and care offers are very helpful for old people, but for our generation and for very young people it is by far not attractive enough. There is a lack of digital, social and cultural offers, which we all want to take advantage of for sure, should we ever need a hospice or care place.
We all wish ourselves a long life. But the changes that we one day want to take for granted must be tackled now. And these changes must grow from within of our society. They have to come from artists, athletes, media people, designers, cooks, bankers, salespeople, from all of us.
Until now, hospice facilities have been run primarily by charitable or church associations. The offer is designed accordingly. We must not leave these organizations alone with their tasks and concerns. We must support them. We have to express how we want to die? What do we want to have at our disposal then, how can we still determine and shape our lives as long as possible?
Finding answers to these questions and then implementing them is my mission as an initiative. I am supported by friends, artists, instagramers, affected people and survivors who want to break the taboo on the topic of “death and dying” and bring it into the middle of society.

Many people are afraid of facing their own mortality. Especially when young people die, we inevitably ask ourself why. I have found the answer that these people are not victims but superheroes. I look forward to the work in the initiative and would like to help to move the topic death & dying more into the center of the society. DADA PENG

My initiative was brought to life because I want to change the view of young dying people:

“When a young person is diagnosed with a terminal illness, one feels this to be particularly tragic in the first moment. But if you no longer see death as the end, but rather as the goal, you can perhaps change this perspective somewhat. For me life is a 10km marathon. We all run like stupid people, we all start at the start and we will all reach the finish at some point. On the way we meet some of them, they stay for a while at our side, overtake us or stay behind. Those who reach the finish line first, those whoin this picture die quite early, are superheroes for me. They are the fastest, the coolest, they are the ones who chill the drinks at the finish and cheer for the next ones during the running-in. Superheroes fly ahead.” DADA PENG