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Readings & Concerts

The big stage or the intimate reading – Dada Peng reads and sings about life and death

In his readings and concerts Dada Peng presents poetry, songs & stories that he wrote within his 20years friendship with death. He doesn´t see death as an enemy. He sees him as a buddy. Thats why his events are more a celebration of life than a sad reading or a bitter concert. Heirs to life! That is what Dada Peng wants his audience to say, after having attended one of his shows.  The readings and concerts can be held on a big stage with live music or in an intimate, very small location.

Dada Peng had over 150 events since he published his first book and pretty much everything is possible. In 2021 Corona will probably still a part of our lives. We came up with some concepts, that are 100% corona compliant and can be held on- and offline. The first major concerts and readings are planned for autumn 2021. A new project with the band TIL is also starting 2021 – “Superheroes fly ahead LIVE” Interested in a cooperation? Then get in touch and let´s talk!

Dada Peng at Hugendubel in Lübeck

Interested in a show?

“Superheroes fly ahead” ConcertReading with the band TIL

Stories, songs, poetry – a celebration of life

In this program, Dada Peng reads from his books, sings songs, and talks about his travels around the world and how they have influenced his view of death today. He encourages young and free-thinking people to develop their own unique view of life and their own dying. It is also about grief work, about how the hospices of the future should look like and above all always about one thing: The moment, the moment – the NOW.

He introduces his initiative for young dying people & their friends “Superheroes fly ahead” and the young band TIL who perform not only the title song to the initiative but also some of their own reportoir.

School project & reading “of living and dying”.

DADA PENG is very exited about telling young people about hospice work and about using the topic of dying in a positive way in his readings. Therefore he says to the students:

“If I should die one day and lie in a hospice, I need one of you to mix me a Whiskey Cola. I don’t feel like playing bingo in my last days and having soup served to me in a sippy cup. I need cool people to take care of me then, and that’s you guys!”

Whether in class or with several classes in the auditorium, DADA PENG involves young people during the reading and also answers questions that young people often wouldn’t talk about on their own.

Songwriting Workshop mit Dada Peng

Let´s plan a school project together!

Should I not return from above or beyond, shall I never come back, or never be found, so please tell everybody: I existed!