Patient order and preventive power of attorney for dummies by Dada Peng

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A patient order and a preventive power of attorney are vitally important, so that in the event that you can no longer actively express your wishes regarding your death, your relatives and the treating doctors can act according to your wishes.

Step 1: Make yourself aware of what you want in which situation and how you want to live or die in different situations

The first step at all is to deal with his own mortality and to accept it. By reading this article, you have obviously already started. Congratulations! This is really not easy for many people, but from my own experience I can tell you it is worth it. It liberates.

We have to look at our own dying like a holiday that we will all make at some point. We’re all going on this holiday, nobody knows exactly when. But it is quite clear that we will be taking it! And now, honestly, if you knew that you were going on an actual holiday, you would plan it now so that you are prepared. How do I get there, which rooms are the most beautiful ones, how far it is to the beach, do I need hiking boots, all that kind of things. So it makes sense to approach dying in a similar way, to plan it in order to be free when it happens and so that just don’t have to worry about a lot of organizational things anymore.

Step 2: Talk about your wishes

It is very stressful for many relatives if they do not know clearly what you want for your death. A very important question is how far you want to take life-extending measures. The task of the doctors is to prolong your life as long as possible, to save your life as long as possible. In some cases, however, a rescue is excluded. And so it may be that not your life, but your death is prolonged. There is no right and no wrong on these issues. Whatever you want is ok. Just need to know. That’s why you need to formulate the whole thing with your family and your friends.

Step 3: Formulate a patient’s order

A patient order formulates in detail and differentiates your wishes. It is also a question of when, for example, you would like to receive palliative care. Palliative medicine is primarily there to relieve your pain. No more measures are taken to help you recover. It will be fully focused on dying and alleviating any pain.

After the article you will find very helpful links to deal with the patient’s order as well as the preventive power of attorney in advance.

Step 4: Don’t forget the power of attorney

In the precautionary power of attorney, you authorise a person to make all medical and social decisions that are important to you, as long as you are no longer able to do so. Do you want to go to a nursing home, are you an organ donor, in which hospice would you like to be accommodated? All questions that you should talk to this person should also best record in writing, so that this person then also has security of action.

Step 5: The Spiritual Patient Order

A spiritual patient’s order can be used to express non-medical desires. Do you like to listen to music in your hospital room, are there smells you want, are touches important to you? Who should be by your side? The wishes for your funeral are also helpful for your loved ones.

Step 6: Where to find your documents

You can also name your trust eaters in your patient’s order and have the whole thing counter-drawn by your GP. Notarial certification is also possible. In all cases, it is important to communicate that you have written these documents and where they are. Only in this way can a doctor act quickly according to your wishes in an emergency.


The whole thing was a process for me. I, too, have put the actual filling in of the documents in front of me forever. This article is not legal advice and is based only on my personal experience. If you have specific legal questions, you must consult a lawyer.

I found the process and writing of my patient’s order liberating. For me and also for those who need to take care of me. Now the holiday can come and until then I live every day as if it were my last. Conscious with joy and in gratitude.


Here’s Dada Peng’s video on the topic:

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