2021 Dada Peng and TIL go on tour together!

“Superheroes fly ahead LIVE” is a concert reading by Dada Peng in combination with a LIVE concert by the band TIL.
Dada Peng reads from his “Book of Living and Dying”, tells about his experiences in hospice work and looks back on 20years of dealing with death. Humorous, poetic and authentic.

He introduces the initiative “Superheroes fly ahead”, describes how it came to the cooperation with the band TIL and what all has happened since the release of the title song in September 2020.

The band presents the title song live, plays their own life-affirming songs, rocks out with the audience and makes sure that at the end we all look into the future together and say: “We’re just getting started!”.

Here is a clip of the first joint event of Dada Peng and TIL in Erlangen (coronakonform) in October 2020.

Monika Seckmeyer from TrauERwerk Erlangen said:
“Dada Peng and TIL put on a super show and I really enjoyed it. The feedback at our place was all super good! Dada Peng with his lyrics and songs and the guys with your attitude and performance are really a super combo.”

“I’m really looking forward to the joint events! The songs of the guys are just great for the topics I address and a highlight will be every time when our title song “Superheroes fly ahead” can be heard and seen live on stage.
At almost every event that I was allowed to do in recent years in cooperation with various hospice associations and organizations, it was always mentioned how difficult it is to inspire young people for hospice work and a confrontation with the topic of “dying”.
TIL simply show that it is possible. Their fans, some of whom are very young, have really taken to their version of our song and are celebrating it. That’s how it should be at our events, too.” Dada Peng

The show is available to book as an evening event and as a school event in german and in english language.
Questions? Then just send an email to info@superheroes-fly-ahead.com