Precautions for your own death by Dada Peng

The most profound way to deal with death and dying

For many people, being aware of one’s own mortality and taking precautions for one’s own death is a burden, a fear factor that must be suppressed. Because the conscious handling of death often leads to the fact that one’s own life is lived more beautifully, more intensively and consciously, can be lived. Only those who are aware of their own mortality can live consciously. Make life suit your own needs. Not at some point, but now. At some point, it was not a day but a process, decided that I wanted to live my life in such a way that my last day could come at any time. I want to have an empty basement, a planned funeral, a suitcase full of memories and no open 2do list.

It actually started with the fact that I couldn’t find any more joy in possession. Every box in the cupboard, every unworn garment, every piece of furniture I didn’t really use seemed to me to be just ballast. And so I began to say goodbye to all things that I don’t need to live. I threw whole boxes out of the basement without even looking through them. I thought, if I haven’t seen it for 5 years now, then I probably won’t miss things in the future. Sure, we all want to leave something behind, something that remains. These can certainly be things. However, there are other ways to leave traces. By making sure that people are lovingly remembered. By passing on knowledge. In which you create something lasting. This starts with the recipe and does not stop at a poem or a story.

Plan your own funeral

Over time, there was a growing desire to take care of my funeral. I found this walk to the funeral home very unpleasant for both my father and my mother. In addition, there were really large sums of money that had to be raised first and, above all, the need not to know how to do it right.

I have now issued a death benefit insurance and the slogan to my friends and family: Make it the way you like it. It’s your party. I only have one wish for my friend Miss Jessica Walker to stand in front of the funeral hall and hand out welcome drinks. Well, and for one or the other program point I already have a no idea. But there’s a list right next to the death penalty policy. Why am I telling you this? Because from this experience, from this way of living, I just want to tell you as an info that we don’t have to be afraid of dealing with death. On the contrary! This way of living frees me more from day to day.Say the things you want to say. Experience the things you want to experience. Go the way you go. Now! Not at some point.

Encountering fear of death

Next week my CD “from living and dying” will be released. When I finished it a few weeks ago, I thought again: Now I can die. All I have to say so far is to be heard. And once again I felt an enormous freedom. Namely, not to have the feeling of having to do anything. All the more I look forward to every new day that I can live free of desires, free from pressure for success, free from fear. And there are many more to come. I am reassured that I can now say to my friends: If I die, you just have to wipe through the apartment briefly wet.