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Loving is like peeing. Only and only the act itself must be satisfaction and reward at the same time. Let the love flow and run and just enjoy the feeling. Just like peeing.

by  DADA PENG “Scheiss aufs Schicksal”

“mein buch vom leben und sterben”

DADA PENG’s first book contains stories, poems and song lyrics about living and dying. A book that is also particularly suitable for young people due to its writing style.

Scheiss aufs Schicksal

In his second book, DADA PENG shows how a change of perspective can lead to a positive outlook in almost any situation in life. He illustrates this with the most important life topics such as “relationship”, “friendship”, “family”, “profession”, and many more. A book that follows on from his first and shows that one can also emerge strengthened from existential and difficult phases of life.

Dada Peng “Superheroes fly ahead”

In Dada Peng´s first english book he wants to help death to simply get a better image. He talks about his personal superheroes who flew already ahead and explains why he calls death his buddy and friend.

Yeah, maybe an insane try to cope with grieve and sorrow, but in the end it works for Dada Peng. So, why should it not work for you.

A book, that you should read with a drink by your side and with an open heart.

Coming to you in 2021.

Dada Peng 2020

My first book in english is my favorite baby! My work has been mostly in german language due to my location, but I have always loved the english language and the possibility to express spiritual thoughts more freely, more easily.

Should I not return from above or beyond, shall I never come back, or never be found, so please tell everybody: I existed!